About Iontophoresis machine

Iontophoresis machine is the greatest home solution against excessive hands or feet sweating. Our device No-Sweating will help to anyone who suffer from Hyperhidrosis.

Do you want to say no to sweating hands and feet?

We have an answer for you.

Such machines are very expensive, but we made very cheap iontophoresis machine ‘No Sweating’ for everyone with warranty and 60 days money back guarantee. We sell only ready for use device with everything for starting to make procedures against excessive sweating.

60 days money back guarantee

We made very cheap iontophoresis machine ‘No Sweating’ for everyone.

Our machine is wireless, mobile and eco friendly

You don’t need to plug it onto 110/220 Volt. That’s why it is safe for you.

In most cases you will see results after 5-10 procedures

After that you need to do them several times at month.


Our Iontophoresis machine includes:

Iontophoresis machine - 1 pcs

Plastic trays - 2 pcs

Cable to power the tray - 2 pcs

Grid covering the electrodes - 2 pcs

Batteries - 2 pcs

User manual - 1 pcs

Price: 195 USD
“Its been incredible really. I did the treatment each evening for about 3 weeks and then the sweating just stopped entirely. I have struggled for years with this and I can’t tell you what a relief it is to finally have dry feet! The impact on my life has been simply amazing!”

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